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BRODSPLIT: newly formed british Subsidiary will manage and operate large square rigger Flying Clipper

c: Brodosplit

A new British company will manage and operate the large square rigger cruise ship that originally had been intended to join the fleet of Star Clippers as Flying Clipper.

“We are delighted to announce that the World’s largest Square-rigged Sailing Vessel, built as Brodosplit 483, will be re-named, rebranded, and operated by the British cruise company Tradewind Voyages UK Ltd. The ownership of Brodosplit 483 remains with the wholly owned subsidiary of the DIV Group,” the Croatian shipbuilder said in a statement.

According to Star Clippers, the Flying Clipper is the largest sailing cruise ship ever. As a five-master with a tonnage of 8,770 BRZ, she has 35 sails with a total sail area of ​​6,350 square meters. The Flying Clipper 162 meters long is designed for 300 passengers, currently flies the flag of Croatia,

The design is supposed to be reminiscent of the legendary France II, which was launched in 1911 as the largest sailing ship at the time. 

Tradewind Voyages does not have a Website at this time, nor is it known when cruise operations shall commence.

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